Dear Colleagues,

AOA members and friends,

Greetings !

In these harsh and challenging times for our souls and minds, I bring you my warmest greetings and my wish that you are all staying safe and well.

I am extremely honoured and humbled having been chosen to serve the Association of Obstetric Anaesthesiologists India as President. I admittedly feel a great responsibility in trying to be up to the standards set by all those who preceded me in office; but I am relieved at the thought of the outstanding professional and human qualities of the colleagues and friends who surround me in the challenge of guiding our Association towards new milestones.

In these first months of my office, I devoted much time and effort in taking stock of the current state of our Association and in talking personally to many AOA members and luminary obstetric anaesthesiologists across the globe.

AOA India has embarked upon an enthusiastic phase of reorganization and renovation, and aims to bring forward the best education material required for providing safe maternal care. The demand for hands on training , critical care updates and repetitive drills , sent to us by many of you ,has been noted . AOA India has created a series of Committees and the team is eagerly crafting online programs , updates , fellowship classes and guidelines to enhance your knowledge and skills. There is a strong move towards consolidation of relationships with other scientific organizations, academic institutions and industrial partners as well .

Our website is under substantial upgradation to provide members with more resources. The effort that we are putting in this 360-degrees overhaul of our organization is remarkable, and it will welcome the contribution of those of you willing to catch the unique opportunity to be with us in this common endeavour.

AOA India wishes you the best for the incoming Festivities and for the New Year: may it be peaceful and bring new achievements and enriching encounters.

“Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro